Major gingivitis research in Europe reveals a grim fact: brushing your teeth is not enough – Finnish innovation treats and prevents periodontitis efficiently
The newly published breakthrough study shows that eliminating the bacteria contained in dental plaque should be as vital a part of dental hygiene as brushing your teeth and flossing.
Tips for Growing a Successful Dental Practice
Running a dental practice requires intensive management, policies, and procedures. Often, dentists are overworked and understaffed. So, how can they improve their dentist-to-patient experience?
Can Tongue Scraping Prevent Gum Disease?
Dentists have emphasized the importance of tongue scraping time and again. However, the tongue-scraping technique has now taken over the mainstream media, and influencers and TikTokers have now deemed the oral cleaning routine as the new skincare routine.
Diabetes may weaken teeth and promote tooth decay
Researchers induced Type 1 diabetes in 35 mice and used a Vickers microhardness tester to compare their teeth with those of 35 healthy controls over 28 weeks. Although the two groups started with comparable teeth, enamel grew significantly softer in the diabetic mice after 12 weeks, and the gap continued to widen throughout the study. Significant differences in dentin microhardness arose by week 28.
Put the kettle on! How black tea (and other favorites) may help your health later in life
A daily cup of tea could help you to enjoy better health late in life -- however if you're not a tea drinker, there are other things you can add to your diet. The key is flavonoids, which are naturally occurring substances found in many common foods and beverages such as black and green tea, apples, nuts, citrus fruit, berries and more.
No adverse effects of early fluoride exposure found on childhood development
A new study has provided evidence that exposure to fluoridated water by young children was not negatively associated with child emotional, behavioral development and executive functioning in their adolescent years.
Using vapes may set the stage for dental decay

Researchers say e-cigarettes and similar devices are associated with a higher risk for cavities.

How Clinical Calibration Helps Clarify Dental Treatments
The bottom line is quite simple. What do we really feel is best for our patients? An essential element for a high-functioning dental hygiene department is calibration. Clinical calibration means understanding and committing to what the office philosophy is. Dentists establish core values in their dental practices, and these values are an important part of case acceptance by patients. The doctors develop these calibrated protocols to help lead staff members toward clarity for patients during the treatment process.
Bruxism: Warning Signs Dental Hygienists Can Observe
In today’s society, many Americans are anxious or stressed. We live busy, on-the-go lifestyles and are constantly worrying while having less downtime to relax and mentally reset. Our bodies typically hold tension within the shoulders as well as the head and neck regions.