Centered on high-speed rotary technology, NSK undertakes businesses

With its mission, “To create brilliant progress via innovative grinding technology,” NSK has developed core high-speed rotary, ultrasound and micromotor technologies and created innovative products in the dental, surgical and industrial business fields. Currently he have business sites in 16 countries around the world and sell yours products in more than 135 countries. In the conduct of business, they have cherished the three concepts of “Culture oriented,” “People based” and “Social perspective” (C-P-S) as yours management policy for many years. Through practicing management that respects local cultures, is based on people and has a social perspective, NSK earned the trust of stakeholders arouund the world.

Business Domain

Centered on high-speed rotary technology, NSK undertakes businesses in three domains: dental products, surgical products and general industrial products.

Dental business

To achieve “dental health”, we will develop innova- tive products in the fields of restorative dentistry, preventive dentistry, periodontics, implantology, oral surgery and mobile dental care using NSK’s “in- novative grinding technology” , namely, high-speed rotary technology and ultrasound technology. All the aforementioned are complemented by our growing range of decontamination products. In each field, we will produce equipment that will allow dentists and dental hygienists to carry out treatment more quickly, efficiently and safely, equipment that will make it possible to provide new types of treatment and be less stressful for patients. Furthermore, we will also develop equipment used by veterinary surgeons for the treatment and healthcare of animals.

Surgical business

Due to the rapid aging of society, there will be a signif- icant increase in surgery for brain disease (e.g. stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage), spinal disease (e.g. spinal stenosis, intervertebral disk herniation), orthopedic procedures (e.g. implant surgery of knees and hips), as well as various types of endoscopic surgery. NSK’s high-speed rotary and ultrasonic products will be indispensable in these kinds of surgery. Nothing is more important than safety and speed when con- sidering cranial, spine, and orthopedic surgery. The precision of surgery is linked to the burden reduction on patients and the speed with which they can make a favorable recovery. For this purpose, NSK takes the initiative to include the opinions of famous surgeons around the world to create medical tools which are truly easy to use.